2022/2023 Charity Xmas Tree Collection

Thanks so much for your amazing generosity in January 2022!

Thank you for your submissions, entries have now been closed for this year.

We collected around 900 trees, and we are planning to do it again on FRIDAY 6th and SATURDAY 7th JANUARY 2023. Our successful Christmas Tree Collection, means no pine needles in your car, and you can be assured that your tree will be recycled. All trees from our collection will be chipped and composted.  We began this in 2021 and have found it to be the more popular option.

A voluntary donation would be appreciated and 100% of funds raised go towards assisting several local Rotary supported Charities, like Fare Share, Sussex Homeless Support, Little Green Pig and Pelican Parcels.


Please bear in mind it could take us 3 days to get around to every tree.

To book the collection of your tree please complete the form below and to make your donation on Kindlink please click the link here.

Remember – Please do NOT tick anonymous though, so that we can tie up your donation with your booking.

Important – If you did not donate until after we collected your tree, you can do this online via our Kindlink page here – but remember that you cannot use this donation page to book a collection.   Also, please do not tick the box to be anonymous, or we cannot reconcile your payment with your address.

We are indebted to our Star Supporter Dean at Jackson Waste, who operates the collection, to Alex at Mishon Mackay, our main sponsor, and to the wonderful community groups of Hove who have helped to publicise the event by sharing on social media.

All of us involved in the Xmas Tree Collection give our time entirely for free.
Thank you again, so much, for your fantastic support of this event and we hope you will continue to help Rotary in Brighton & Hove in our attempts to improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.  If you are interested in finding out more about our work in support of local, national and international charities and campaigns please visit our RIBI website.

There is an FAQ that answers most common questions here.

Thank you to everyone who has regularly supported Brighton and Hove Soiree Club with our fund-raising efforts over the Christmas period.  We have raised thousands of pounds from recycling Christmas trees. Many thanks go to all the companies who sponsor our Christmas Tree collection, including Mishon Mackay our main sponsor, but also Adams & Remers Solicitors, Best Practice Chiropractic, MW Solictors, Pepper Fox, SEI Group, Wilson Sandford and Handelsbanken and Galloway



A massive thank you to Dean & the guys at Jackson Waste who are kindly providing vans and drivers to help on the day of the collection. Thank you to the volunteers who deliver the leaflets, and all the drivers, collectors and tree luggers.


Registered Charity Number 1138898, 165 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN3 1TL

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