Brighton Rotary Club Christmas Collections

Santa will soon be out on his sleigh in Brighton suburbs collecting for local charities between 6 and 8 p.m. on the following days.

Monday, 12/12/2022

Havelock Road, Waldegrave Road, Chester Terrace and Cleveland Road.

Tuesday, 13/12/2022

Valley Drive, Whitethorn Drive, Green Ridge, Glen Rise, Redhill Drive and Colebrook Road.

Wednesday, 14/12/2022

Hazeldene Meads, Tivoli Crescent, Maldon Road, Matlock Road, Tivoli Road, Tivoli Crescent North and Reigate Road.

Thursday, 15/12/2022

Thornhill Avenue, Bengairn Avenue, Kenmure Avenue, Glenfalls Avenue, Eskbank Avenue, Lomond Avenue, The Deeside and Mackie Avenue.

Friday, 16/12/2022

Loder Road, Bates Road, Gordon Road, Herbert Road and Balfour Road.

Saturday, 17/12/2022

Barrhill Avenue, Craignair Avenue, Solway Avenue, Sanyhils Avenue, Heston Avenue and Baranscraig Avenue.

Please look out for Santa and donate as much as you can to help local good causes, details of which can be found on our website