Christmas Tree Recycling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Booking Now Closed for January 2022
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Why Does My Form Not Complete When I Click On Submit.?
Please try rebooting your PC or laptop, and if you are using Safari on an Apple device and the form fails to submit, please use another device or browser, for instance Chrome or Firefox.

Why Is There A No Entry Icon When I Try To Click On Submit.?
The No Entry icon appears over the submit button when there is required information missing from the form, please check that you have filled in all the boxes, especially the GDPR acceptance.

Do You Collect From My Road.?
We have an enlarged area for January 2022, covering all of the roads in these Hove postcodes – BN3 2##, BN3 3##, BN3 4##, BN3 5## & BN3 6##.  If your postcode starts with one of these five listed, then yes we do collect in your road. If you are outside this area please use the Just Helping booking form here.

What Happens To The Trees.?
They are taken to a local recycling facility where they are turned into 100% organic peat free compost. The compost is guaranteed to PAS 100 certification, meaning it is made from 100% recycled green waste. PAS 100, ‘Publicly Available Specification’ for Composted Materials, is a widely recognised standard within the organics recycling sector. It contributes to the concept of the circular economy & means that the material is no longer subject to waste regulatory controls & has achieved product status.

Why Do I Have To Donate Online.?
Things are a little different this year because of the pandemic, so we will not be out knocking on doors & rattling buckets, & money cannot be left on the trees as in previous years. A support team from Dean Jackson Waste Management will collect the trees on our behalf, and transport them to the recycling facilities.  NB Please don’t choose to be anonymous, and be sure to include your address in the Kindlink details so we can match up payments.

What Is Gift Aid.?
Gift Aid is applicable if you are a UK tax payer. Ticking that box allows us to claim back the tax on your donation, which does not cost you anything but gives us an extra 25% from HM Gov UK.

What If I Forgot To Donate.?
If you did not donate until we collected your tree, you can do this online via our new Kindlink page here – but remember that you cannot use this donation page to book a collection.  The booking process has closed, and if you have not already had a confirmation email from us, you have not booked with us, and your tree will not be collected.  Also, please do not tick the box to be anonymous, or we cannot reconcile your payment with your address.

What Happens To My Donation.?
Fully 100% of any donation goes to the local charities and good causes that we support, including projects that directly benefit the local community and those that support the people most in need. For instance, we recently donated over £5,000 to Brighton Table Tennis Club (BTTC) and Sussex Homeless Support (SHS). BTTC currently run a food bank with the Real Junk Food project at their premises in Kemp Town, the Fitzherbert Centre, but also operate across the city in parks, squares, schools, sheltered housing schemes, a centre for homeless people, sports centres, a psychiatric hospital and two prisons.  Sussex Homeless Support help us every year with our Wrap Up campaign, where we collect unwanted coats for the homeless and other vulnerable people. We have also set up a monthly lottery to support local good causes like BTTC & SHS and again, fully 100% of any donation is given to the charities that we support, no admin fees are removed by us at all. More information on our lottery here, and you can read about BTTC & SHS on their websites.

Do You Need Any Help.?
We organise and run the Xmas Tree Recycling every year but could not do so without our wonderful supporters & volunteers. Thank you to everyone who has regularly supported Brighton and Hove Soiree Club with our fund-raising efforts throughout the year.  Massive thanks in particular go to Dean Jackson Waste Management, who often help out with our various projects but without whom, this year, the Recycling Collection is unlikely to have been possible, due to the Covid19 restrictions. Thank you.!

Please send us an email to – – if you would like to get involved, maybe leafleting your neighbours and immediate area to promote this Xmas tree recycling campaign, or another one of our projects, like Wrap Up, the coat collection for the homeless, you can read about them here.

You can also help us by posting about the Xmas Tree Recycling on social media, by adding the blue text below to your Facebook page, as well as any community groups you may be a member of in the Brighton & Hove area. You can also attach the Christmas Tree Flyer below, just click on it to download a larger version.  Post this downloaded image and the blue text below on any neighbourhood Whatsapp groups or NextDoor. All of this will help get the message out to as many Hove residents as possible, and help us to promote awareness of this year’s Xmas Tree Recycling Collection. Thank you for helping 🙂


Brighton & Hove Soiree Rotary club collected my Christmas tree and had it recycled for a charitable donation. No more needles in my car! For more information, or to donate to a good cause, visit – – as 100% of any donation goes to those in need.



What Do You Do With My Details.?
We only use your contact details for the purposes of the Xmas Tree Recycling Collection that we run every year. Your details will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, (GDPR).
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