Download copies of the Rotary in Brighton and Hove logo by clicking on the links below;

Branding guidelines for the Rotary in Brighton and Hove logo

We are proud to present our new logo representing all the clubs in Brighton and Hove City.

The logo has been professionally designed by local brand specialist Oliver and Graimes based in Portland Road, Hove.

It is the first part of the project to make Clubs in the City appeal to the public in more modern and attractive way.  The logo deliberately takes it’s look and feel from the vibrant seaside city we live and operate in.

A few basic guidelines have been prepared to help you use the logo to promote any events and activities your club is organising or involved in.

  • The logo can be used in any position on any marketing, promotional or publicity material.
  • Generally speaking when working with ‘partners’ it is preferable to use it at the bottom of a page along with other logos.
  • To identify each individual Club (on any document or marketing material) it is suggested that they use their own Club name in conjunction with the logo. Each Club can decide where their name would be best positioned.
  • The Logo should not be ‘stretched’ or ‘altered’ in anyway.
  • It is not necessary to reproduce the Rotary wheel again.
  • The logo can be used in black and white but cannot be produced in any other colour variation.