Lottery Rules

Brighton and Hove Soirée Rotary Club Lottery Rules

1. The Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club Lottery (“the Lottery”) will be operated by Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club (“Soirée”) under the provisions and requirements of the Gambling Act 2005.

2. Soirée reserves the right to alter these rules when necessary. A copy of the most recent version of the rules will always be made available here.

3. All money donated to the Lottery that is not used as prize money will go directly to Soirée to be used for its various chosen charities; this will be 50% of the total amount of money donated through the Lottery.

4. The Lottery is open to residents of Great Britain over the age of 18, including members of Soirée and their family and friends.

5. The Lottery will be limited to 1 draw per month. As a result, the chances of winning a prize each month will be dependent upon the number of lottery members for each specific month.

6. The subscription is £5 per month per draw number, payable to Soirée by way of a standing order to be paid on the first (1st) of each month. There is no limit to the number of draw numbers to which each individual can subscribe. Assigned lottery numbers will only be included in the monthly draw if payment has been made on 1st of the month and the entry form has been completed and submitted. If in the unlikely event a payment is made without an application being submitted, best efforts will be made to identify who made the payment. If unresolved, 100% of the funds received will be donated to charity.

7. A draw will take place each month and where possible this will take place at a Soirée meeting. In the interests of transparency and accountability, there will be a minimum of two named witnesses present. The winner/s will be notified by email, and the results will be available to view at

8. Each month the main prize will be 35% of the total amount donated, with a secondary prize of 15% of the total amount donated. This means that when the prizes are smaller, the chances of winning are greater (see also paragraph 5). If for example, 100 draw numbers are allocated, the first prize will be £175 and the second prize will be £75.

9. Prizes will be paid to the winner/s each month by bank transfer or cheque.

10. Participants can choose to withdraw from the Lottery at any time by giving a month’s notice in writing to Please note that to ensure the standing order is stopped, the participant will need to inform their bank.

11. Soirée reserves the right to end the Lottery at any time, but will give one month’s written notice in order to do so.

12. In accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, no refunds can be given under any circumstances whatsoever.

13. Information regarding data protection can be found on the following link:

If you, or someone you know, need information and/or help with problem gambling, please call GamCare on 0845 6000 133 or visit