Making a difference

The Fresh Start charity provides hands-on support to help disadvantaged families in Brighton break out of their cycle of dependency to find a route towards self-confidence and independence as a family group.

For those in social isolation in deprived areas of Brighton, there is nowhere like the Fresh Start project that offers sustained security to help build self-esteem, learn basic skills and enjoy the sort of family life that most people take for granted.

Regular activities include cookery classes to produce a meal that is then consumed together as a family, working with children to help literacy skills, and playing games to help interaction. Those facing challenging circumstances are also offered counselling.

One of the key aims is to help vulnerable children, and where appropriate, their parents, break out of the cycle of dependency and find their own route to independence as a family.

Soiree Rotary supports Fresh Start by holding an annual collection of gifts and food that are made into Xmas packages and distributed to families flagged up through a network of schools and local organisations.

The children think that these gifts come from their parent or relative, so that a feeling of respect and gratitude can be engendered within that family.