Trees give water for all in Kenya

The four Rotary Clubs of Brighton & Hove and Brighton Rotaract raised £820 to buy 500 trees in the Makueni area in Kenya as part of the Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF).

This initiative, driven by Rotarian Peter Orpen in his role as International Projects Coordinator, encourages clubs to work together to fund International projects.

And this is where Sand Dams steps in to address environmental degradation in drylands. By harvesting water close to people’s homes they save people time that can be invested in sustainable land management: terracing land and planting trees to prevent erosion and keep water in the soil.

As you know trees absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, fertilise soil, reduce erosion and prevent land degradation. Whilst at the same time providing fuel, food for people and animals, compost, building materials and even medicines.

In Africa, 80% of total energy use is fulfilled by trees – with electricity only contributing 6%. But, unsustainable harvesting has caused severe deforestation, destroying wildlife and habitats.

For the people living in drylands, deforestation means hunger, thirst and fuel shortages. Trees can provide long-term environmental and economic benefits.

ASDF supports communities to plant a variety of trees and trains them to propagate seedlings and establish tree nurseries near a sand dam to ensure for a water supply.

Since 2002 904,932 trees have been planted to help reverse deforestation and desertification

Thanks to all of you for your support and if you want to find out more visit: or contact Peter Orpen: